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  1. Lifechanging

    This experience has shaped me completely for the better. I felt home here on this tour. It has inspired me beyond words to continue living to see all of Japan. I recommend this trip to anyone looking for a down-to-earth, peaceful, absolutely breath-taking experience.
    lenkualli / Student traveler
    Newburgh, Indiana / Posted on August 23, 2018
  2. JapanAmazing!

    Great Tour Guides, cuisine, Japanese people and the sweet beauty of the landscape. A must see to check off your bucket list. The absolute cleanest country I’ve ever been to. As an American I felt embarrassed to know that we could do better with our cleanliness as a society. Tōkyō was amazing and so full of shops and restaurants. I recommend this tour to all interested. Definitely visit the Bamboo Forest in Kyoto...To die for and so unreal. The Shrines and the Temples were so wonderful to visit. Bring a great pair of walking shoes, because you will get a great workout completing about 6-8 miles of walking daily. Enjoy the eastern living conditions in the hotel room to see how a real Japanese person lives and sleeps. Very inspiring that it is so simple, but also humbling at the same time.
    FunTimes13 / Adult traveler
    Lacey, WA / Posted on July 09, 2018
  3. Awesome adventure in Japan!

    Japan: Land of the Rising Sun itinerary is jam-packed with cultural experiences! Every day was an adventure - new foods, new phrases in Japanese, and a peek at cultural traditions in a different part of the world. This itinerary has a little bit of everything for the travelers. We had plenty of shopping time, visits to Castles and religious shrines, and culinary treats galore. Our highlights included: a lecture with a professional Sumo wrestler, visit to the Great Buddha in Kamakura and Nara, a Kimono fashion show, and most of all a traditional night at a ryokan and a visit to see Mt. Fuji. If you are looking for a destination that is exciting and educational, this is the itinerary for you!
    cc1226 / Group leader
    Cincinnati, Ohio / Posted on June 10, 2018
  4. Trip of a Lifetime

    This tour truly was the trip of a lifetime. I loved every moment of it, from the bustling city streets to the peaceful greenery of the mountains. Our primary tour guide was sweet, fun, and generous, as well as knowledgeable and informative. Our other guides were very kind, as well, and we were able to learn quite a bit about Japan's rich history through them. Every hotel we stayed at, both traditional and Western-style, was clean and comfortable, and the staff were kind and well-accommodating. The food was incredible and the provided dinners were varied, so I was able to try all sorts of new things that aren't available in America (I miss them all already!). My favorite experiences were walking through Harajuku and visiting the Golden Pavilion.

    I went to Japan with a bit of prior knowledge of the language, and it definitely helped me when venturing off to order food or go shopping, but you don't need to know the language to enjoy yourself. The long flights were tiresome, but a small price to pay for the amazing experience my classmates and I had. I didn't want to leave! I definitely intend on returning to the country someday, perhaps on a student exchange. This was an experience I'll never forget!
    megn / Student traveler
    East Bridgewater, MA / Posted on April 24, 2018
  5. Memories to last a lifetime

    I thoroughly enjoyed this trip. I was fully immersed in the culture and took so much away personally from this travel experience. The Nara excursion add-on was extremely worth it! The deer were adorable and a delight to feed and be around. This was 100% a dream come true and was made to be an unforgettable trip for us. Amazing job EF Tours.
    OPHS / Student traveler
    Orange Park, FL / Posted on March 19, 2018
  6. Awesome Trip

    I think about my time in Japan almost every day. The culture was completely different from what I know, and I loved it. I will always cherish my time in that wonderful country. Thank you EF Tours!
    Bug2000 / Student traveler
    Conway, South Carolina / Posted on January 03, 2018
  7. Life Changing

    Japan was a life changing experience for myself and my students. From the moment we got off the plane and met our tour director until we boarded the return flight home to the United States, every single moment was filled with adventures, packed with learning opportunities, and we were always immersed in the culture that is uniquely Japan. Every single student on this trip with me said they would return to Japan in the future because it was just that amazing and awesome! I highly recommend this trip for all high school students.
    FloridaTeacher / Group leader
    Jacksonville, Florida / Posted on July 22, 2017
  8. The Best of the BEST

    This tour was something difficult to explain. I loved every moment of it, the sightseeing, the cultural exchange, the food, everything was just perfect. I recommend this tour completely, either your a culture exchange fanatic or and anime addict you will enjoy it fully. Im definitely going back!!!!
    GlowPR / Student traveler
    Puerto Rico / Posted on July 14, 2017
  9. Wonderful first trip

    Although I was initially hesitant about how much I would enjoy Japan, the EF tour gave me a fantastic first impression of the country and its people. Our tour director and local guides were friendly and knowledgeable, and we appreciated their attention to detail and excellent guidance. The tour bus was clean and punctual, as was our director. The only reason we did not stay completely on schedule was the tardiness of other schools in our group.

    I appreciated the variety of experiences we were given while in Japan, including transportation. We rode the subway, traveled by bus, took the bullet train, and enjoyed a short cable car ride and ferry trip. We also visited many sites, which allowed us to experience different parts of the country. We spent the first few days in the huge city of Tokyo and then traveled through the countryside before arriving at Kyoto. The students loved having the experience of the big city, but also seeing the more rural parts of Japan that include small towns and rice paddies.

    While the tour is expensive, we were very satisfied with the lodging and amenities. We were also satisfied in terms of sightseeing and information. In addition to busy days, we had some free time to explore the cities and towns and interact with Japanese natives, which our students really enjoyed. They felt they had the opportunity to make some authentic experiences for themselves.

    At the end of the trip, our students felt like they had developed a friendship with our tour director and a deep interest in Japan and its culture. As a teacher, I was elated to hear them say they had such a good first impression of Japan that they hope to return one day. Experience really is one of the best forms of learning.
    et006 / Adult traveler
    Arkansas / Posted on June 22, 2017
  10. Wonderful people and Wonderful place

    This tour was an absolutely amazing experience. Not only did I enjoy all the things we planned but I love all the unplanned adventures we had. We had an awesome tour director who constantly prepared "secret itinerary" to surprise us when the bus showed up at beautiful castles. I loved every second of it and made so many friends along the way. I learned so much about Japan's culture and language that I am even considering moving there when I get older. I'm so glad I took this trip because it gave me a different perspective on the world. I have me time to stop and realize I'm still young and there's so much more in the world for me to see and learn before I start my adulthood. I want to do more adventures while I can. I have so much more to see. Thank you to all those who helped with this tour.
    Acook / Student traveler
    Westerville, Ohio / Posted on June 11, 2017

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